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Are You A 501(c)3 ?

No, we are not a 501(c)3. This is for two reasons. 1) We are located in the Agricultural district of South King County, which obligates us to King County to produce a certain percentage of income related to Farming activities (either Livestock or Farming) per dedicated acre, every year.  2) When we initially leased our pasture to the original horse rescue (which we later took over), we established an LLC to protect ourselves from Lawsuits, as any business would do. We made the decision to remain an LLC because future activities may involve other farming or livestock activity at a potential profit. We also did so in an attempt to minimize our expenses by avoiding additional legal fees. That being said, to raise and care for horses is expensive, and we are grateful for any contributions you are willing to make, the ultimate contribution being adoption, of course, and your time!

Why Don't You Foster Horses ?

Initially, when we won custody of the horses they had been moved around frequently, and were in poor health condition. As a consequence, they were VERY insecure and underweight. We felt they needed stability. We opted to give them stability here by giving them a safe place to recover, so they could learn to trust and bond with people again until they were placed in their forever home!

Where Are We Today ?

The horses are now stable, healthy, gentled, and getting some training, to prepare them for their forever home! We initially started with separating the mares from the stallions, as 13 babies were successfully birthed here due to co-mingling of stallions and mares. Thankfully, SAFE (Save a Forgotten Equine) horse rescue graciously donated the geldings for all the stallions.  We now have approximately 21

horses available for adoption. You can find our adoption application and adoption agreement on this website.

What Help Do We
Need ?

We of course can use volunteers to help with cleaning out water troughs, mucking stalls, grooming horses, and especially lunging horses! If you have experience with lunging horses, we would be grateful for your help. We will train you with our methodology (technique) once you have established you are willing to commit to continue working with our horses. We recognize there are various techniques and methods, but we prefer to have consistency with how we work with our horses, so you will be required to use our methods, to avoid confusion for the horses.


Children are welcome to volunteer, however, an adult must be present at all times. While the horses are gentled, they are after all rescue horses, and can be unpredictable at times. A holds harmless agreement must be signed by any one present on the property.


If you are interested, please come join us every Saturday (except some holidays), between 10am and 2pm. We thank you in advance for your interest, and look forward to meeting you!

Do You Accept Donations?

We can always use tack (especially lunge lines and a side pull). It does not need to be new, just in reasonably good shape. Hay donations, grain and mineral salt blocks are always welcome too! (we prefer the 90 trace mineral blocks with selenium, if possible). THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

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